The quiz programme will be conducted in the following format

Preliminary Rounds- One hour written test paper of 30 clues will be given and contestants have to come up with the questions. The quiz will test knowledge of the following areas: Science & Technology, Art & Literature, Current News, History & Culture and Geography. Highest scoring 27 schools will be selected for the TV rounds. Each school will be represented by one student who had scored the highest marks from the school.

Semi Finals- 3 schools will compete with each other in each TV programme for a total of 9 programmes. Each Programme will have 3 rounds and will select a programme winner.

Grand Finale- 3 winning Schools with highest marks from the Semi Finals will enter the final round.

The Quiz Programme will be conducted mainly in Sinhala. For students who are not proficient in Sinhala the quiz will be conducted in English.

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